Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where Can You Find The Best Cakes In Cebu?

There are a lot of cake stores and bakeshops in Cebu City and they all have their own specialties. Here's a nice list of what makes each one unique and where they are located:

  1. Creole Cakes - these are elegantly made cakes that are home-made. They are a little bit expensive but they are also delicious. What's good about these cakes are that you can tailor them as you want. In contrast to cakes that can be bought in typical bakeshops, you can actually ask for the cake to be customized according to the design you want... Creole cake designs can be for weddings, birthdays and even special occasions - they accept naughty cakes too

  2. Bebong's is a quaint little bakeshop in Mandaue that makes delicious cakes that are very affordable. Last time I went though, there are only very few choices - chocolate and ube. So you'll have to make do with that. But they are very delicious. Once attended a wedding that had about 20 Bebong cakes as their wedding cake because they were so affordable and delicious.

  3. Leona's bakeshop which is located near Mabolo also has delicious cakes. This place started out small and then eventually just became this pastry sensation. They now sell bread too. They're closed on Sundays

  4. Cream and Bake along AS Fortuna is a new discovery for me. I just got one of their cakes for my birthday and it was the yummiest chocolate cake I've had to-date. They have other stuff on their menu as well. I heard they also serve sumptuous entrées and main course meals that are quite affordable

  5. Dessert Factory located in Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu, is a frequent place for cake lovers. Like Cream and Bake they also have other types of food on their menu. Two of my favorite would be their Grilled Baby Back Ribs and their Boneless Crispy Pata.

  6. Then of course there are the usual bakeshops - Red Ribbon has pretty decent chocolate cakes, before Cream and Bake actually - Red Ribbon was my absolute favorite. I personally enjoy their Tiramisu cake. Their mango pie is also very good.

  7. Goldilocks is another old-time favorite. They are usually the best when it comes to custom made birthday cakes. They have a wide selection of cake designs (which you have to pay for separately by the way). My favorite cake here would be their triple decker. It's a cake that has 1 layer of chocolate, 1 layer of mocha and 1 layer of strawberry.


chocolate said...

Hello. Please consider reviewing my mom's and sister's bakeshop as well :) I'm undoubtedly biased, but they has won several awards for their cakes:

ryla said...


Just want to know if you know any shops that will gladly entertain suppliers for cake decorations and sugar craft products? I would like a chance to showcase our products. Thanks!

Mommy Blogs said...

You may want to check out for couture cakes and pastries =)

jeza said...

im interested of cream and bake, plz. tell how their contact no.